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I have recently been lucky enough to have a partnership with Pixel Pals. They’ve sent a few of their products to me and never once have asked for anything in return. I’m not paid by them or even asked by them to write about their products but I wanted to anyhow.

I truly can’t speak highly enough about Pixel Pals. First, I am a sucker for anything that looks 8 or 16 bit aesthetically. Nostalgia has a powerful effect on me and these Pixel Pals scratch my nostalgic itch. I seem to be chasing the days of yesteryear. I am often drawn back to the games of my childhood (I literally played Super Mario Bros. 3 this week on my original NES that was a Christmas gift in 1990). Hence why I posted the Takuni Mario at the top of this post.

All of this to say, I highly encourage that you go to Amazon or check out your local Gamestop to find a Pixel Pal or all of them 😊.

Side Note: This coming week I will be doing a giveaway of the Skyrim Pixel Pal on my Instagram Page. Click HERE to follow my page on Instagram and enter the drawing.

Josh – Oldschoolgamecollector

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