Independant Sega Genesis Game – Coffee Crisis

“Crush alien overlords with metal-fueled, caffeine aided combos to save Earth’s most precious resources – coffee, heavy metal, cat videos, and free wifi! Feel their extra-terrestrial flesh rip to shreds as you crank the alien cries to 11!”

Coffee Crisis is an arcade style beat-em-up made by MegaCat Studios. One of the best things about Coffee Crisis, aside from its gameplay, is the fact that the game has local co-op. This is, unfortunately, not the norm of todays current games and sitting on the couch next to my friends kicking the crap out of aliens is loads of fun. The addition of local co-op brings me back to the days of yesteryear (Turtles in Time, Golden Axe, Simpsons Arcade Game).

Besides great gameplay and local co-op, the build quality is fantastic. This has always been important to me. Don’t you remember getting a game as a kid and having the entire car ride home just to flip through the manual and get psyched for your playing experience? Well, I sure do and Coffee Crisis does a great job of bringing that back. Each character is given a bio, the story is clear and concise and the development team is shown, which I believe gives the game an extra touch!

I’ll post a few gameplay pictures below! Make sure to check out MegaCatStudios here!