These Are the Questions I Get Asked Most.

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Why do this page?

Just for fun! I love video games, reading, music, movies, comics and board games. So I just decided to start this page to celebrate the things I love!

What is OldSchoolGameCollector?

It was originally just an Instagram account. Now it is an Instagram account and a website/blog with the hopes of a YouTube channel to come.

Do you do reviews for products and games on your site and Instagram?

Absolutely! I have partnered with companies in the past, including Pixel Pals (in Gamestop stores), to showcase their items on my Instagram and Website. I have also been asked by gaming companies to review their games and products. It’s always a joy to do this so please don’t hesitate to ask!

When will your YouTube launch?

Hopefully Winter of 2017/18.

How can I contact you?

By clicking ‘Contact Me’ at the top of this page, by emailing or by messaging me on my OldSchoolGameCollector account on Instagram.

Do companies pay you to post about their items?

I have never once asked or received money to review or post about a product. I have, however, received items for free in order to review them and post about them.


“Josh (Oldschoolgamecollector) has been a pleasure to work with as a PDP influencer. His genuine love of our Pixel Pals products and his interest in what we make here at PDP keeps us excited to send him new characters and build on our existing line. He shares his enthusiasm with his followers and cultivates a platform of positivity and excitement for retro gaming.” – PDP Gaming (Pixel Pals). Items found at Gamestop, Best Buy and other retailers.

“Our experience partnering with Josh was hands down, fantastic! From the first point of contact, we felt good vibes that stayed throughout the entire process. We made a custom sign for Josh, and in exchange, he promoted us to his followers on social media, including doing a giveaway of one of our signs. We have not only gained a bigger following, but we’ve seen an increase in engagement and website traffic. If you are thinking about partnering with and influencer, Josh is the man! We would love to work with him again in the future!” – Illuminated Dreamz